USB Live Recording

Very rare idea in the mobile industry! this optional extra provides your name/dates scribed with the whole night of music live recorded plus any announcements. The option to have just usb or live recording sent to you is also an option so you can keep the memory of your night forever!

Starlight Backdrops

Available up to 12 metres in width in two 6 metre sections which go to 3 metres high. Whether it’s for a wedding reception or a party, when the organisers book an entertainments company they want to create a special atmosphere that’s going to transport their guests into another world for the evening. Starlit backdrops […]

Love Heart Projections

What could be more romantic than an eye-catching, dynamic display of pink love hearts for your special event, whether it’s a wedding celebration or a St Valentine’s party? It’s no surprise that heart projector displays are primarily used in the wedding sector to produce beautiful romantic images. They also serve a useful purpose, either distracting […]

Sound Systems

Sound system and Microphone(s) for daytime background music & speeches are always high quality and reliable   black and white systems are available.   The final price will depend on size of the room and timings.

Up Lighting

Uplighters are a great way of washing walls with your chosen colour.  They transform any room into something magical which will be in keeping with your event.  The kind of events we hire out to are to Stately homes, Marquees, Halls and Hotels.  The lights will add atmosphere to any party with a photography or […]

Confetti Machine

A fabulous way to end your night with this Confetti ‘firework’ effect blower.  The range on this machine is up to 15 meters high and fully controlled for a non stop blow of confetti.  This will continue to shoot out for approx. 30 seconds.  A great alternative to the standard quick twist and shoot mechanism. 

Dry Ice Machine

The ultimate effect for your 1st dance, real dry ice is used so the effect is authentic and stunning.  The clouds hug the dancefloor to create a real “wow” factor for your guests while you’re dancing to your chosen track.  The photos will be the talking point for many years to come.  Book this effect […]

Kvant Laser

A real wow factor professional high end laser! Party beam effects, High quality images, Scrolling messages of your choice, tunnel effects for 1st dance or showcases and more. Please note venue must allow light haze machine in order to achieve the beam mid air projections.   Fully controlled via specialist software for safety and ultimate […]

Mirror Balls

If you’re looking for more of a classic low key feel, Mirror balls are the answer. Provided on stands with pin spot lighting.

Pixel Backdrop

This brilliant handmade system not available to DJs is a brilliant extra especially when haze or smoke is not allowed. This system normally sits behind the DJ or in the pictures above for the Band providing lots of different effects and patterns.