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I offer a cutting edge professional entertainment service with state of the art bespoke equipment. When it comes to choosing the services of a top professional for your entertainment event, you need look no further than DJ Elevation.


A setup to match your event

Looking for a unique bespoke one of a kind set up in the UK? Looking for a visual impact to WOW your guests? I have the Package for you.

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Add an extra WOW factor with extras

When hiring entertainment for your special event, the first considerations are quality, reliability and professionalism. Make your event one to remember!


Venues that I am proud to work with to bring unforgettable events for people like you.
The Italian Villa
Tournerbury Woods
Oakley Hall


Recommended Suppliers

Looking for other suppliers for your event and don't know where to start? Here are the top suppliers I recommend.

About me

DJ Elevation was first established in 2012 by myself- Charles Schroder with one aim in mind- “beat the competition and keep raising the bar”.  I hope you may have already noticed the difference in DJ Elevations bespoke handmade equipment especially aimed at the Wedding and corporate sectors of events.  Combined with the knowledge of 20 years experience in Mobile/club and abroad I take my Mobile business far and wide past Hampshire/ Sussex/kent/Dorset and more.

For DJ Elevation to work successfully I decided early on to concentrate on everything to do with just the DJ aspect hence why I leave photo booths/ chocolate fountains etc well alone to specialist companies. Also in order to concentrate fully on every event I have avoided turning into a DJ Agency and only ever recommend or use a handful of trusted DJs I have personally worked with…..   This ensures quality over quantity. 

So what you may ask makes me different to many other DJ companies besides my equipment?

Dare I say it but a lot of DJs do not mix and freely admit to it in front of other DJs and will even argue there is no point in it.  I do mix and tastefully blend tracks together instead of just  fading in and out on every track.  I do not go over the microphone every other song,  I make announcements when needed or wanted and concentrate on reading the audience plus controlling the lighting and taking requests. Which brings me to my next point,   you have to be able to effectively read the audience and not everyone possesses this trick which is vital to being a Mobile DJ. Practically every site says they are the best and while I proclaim I am not the best I certainly strive to be. 

All in all I take great pride in DJ Elevation giving fair prices/ high standard of care/ music and lighting discussed with every client and all importantly giving you and your guests the wow factor and memories that last.